Do you believe all thats WordPressed ?

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Press on to WordCamp 09 at Government expense ?? 

Read all about it  here

The blurp says 

“We’re very pleased to announce our first sponsor, Puffbox. Puffbox are successfully taking WordPress into UK government circles to fulfil all kinds of needs”    

Just what we need at the moment a  way for the Government to wordpress upon  us that  they havent all got their snouts in the trough at our expense    and restore some confidence 


a year on & still no fast computing

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Year in view wordkamp 08-wordcamp 09

New President of the USA   War continues in Afghanistan Heroin Trade continues War intensifies in Shrilanka,abuse continues in Dar-for .Mugabe’s regime  keeps making him  more money and his people get poorer  his politacal opponents continue to be  beaten or killed . We have  had  the shortest reported  economic Global  crash in history [come on why cant we just be left alone to be  poor for a year or 2 so we can have something  to brag about to our grandchildren . you know granpa lived thro the great economic downturn of the 2008’s ) and more money than ever has been taken from the masses of ordinary people via taxes to keep the status quo and make sure the very rich stay very rich. So its about the same really but warmer in the Arctic by 1/2 a degree or so .


On the tech front  Wordpress gets subversive and up to 2.8 [nearly on the rickter scale], .microsoft say buyee to Bill and relase Windows 7 a vista  OE that seems to work !! have you tried it yet ? Everying gets up in the clouds Microsoft try and Mesh up to do battle with Google Apps  and everyone and his dog is giving you a workspace on line  just to keep a foothold on your desktop .Mac have come up with  we lll  nothing really new  buta zippier iphone that  apps writers love . and nobody can yet give us a really fast desktop PC  that will run windows instantly  on startup   . tha something iI would really love .

WordCamp UK 2009 Thank you

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Will I be going  well if I get chance to sit at the table with Mike Little again like I did last year  I might well consider it .He’s such a nice guy to talk to  so modest considering he co invented the thing . 

What is interesting tho is that I only found out by chance that WordCamp UK is happening .I am subscribed to the North wordpress UK  email  but generally find the emails incomprehensible  .Why they  don’t  use Word Press for the Information Dispersal I do not Know .Interesting point that I think Why don’t they ?? IF you are a WordPresser in the north and subscribed to the group  a comment would be welcome.

Mr Angry writes Email

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 Caught a passing glimpse of this  in a passing Email at work  Its amazing what Mr Angry can do with words …

 I have just been informed that the shutdown occured yesterday.This is far to short notice 

Fire-razed pier will be rebuilt

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Fire-razed pier will be rebuilt – News – Virgin Medi

Shame about the pier ,we had some happy times on that beach whilst living in Bristol .The  pier gave us some laughs as well !! bit of a challenge now for Weston with the Hoidays in full swing .All the best to you if we come down to Devon in  Sept ,will drop in for a portion of Fish and Chips to do our bit for the economy !!

The harvest

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The harvest


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