Beign as I am  a new kid on the blog and unawre of any conspiracy theory in regards to the dark arts ,or not in cyberspace  I was totally absorbed by the revelations immparted by  our second speaker on SEO . we learned  with great clarity from  a well resourced presentaion that Google really do rule the world and not only is content king to  the traffic seeking & generating bots (theres no bots on me  judging by the total abstaince  of traffic on this blog !! )but  relevant and good content  is at the top of the pile particularly if its fresh and steamy  and not second hand or stored on someone elses shelves  .Then we came to the bots If you were thinking of ,well just dont even   try beating the bots by repition repitition repition did I say ” repition “? because the’re not havign it and say alwavs vin . This is all very reasurring  especially if you have shares in google. The  information that :-it not worth using …… on your bog because its useless was imparted    .. I wont say what   . . .  is becasue the presentation on journalism and blogging  delivered post luncheon told us you migt get sued for liable or defamation of product  and  unless you have a heavy weight team of lawyers like they (who pay the bots ) do you might find yourself in the . . . . so just accept the fact that  everyting in the whole www will soon be pointed by google ,in one way or another to the Betfair  site   and why not since they so generously sponserd the event from ther megre revenuse .

if you have a problem with that thers a bot waiting for you outside !!

All this is very re-assuring and enlightening  as any organisation tha has taken that well know word google and turned it into there owm logo and brand name must be quite clever .

Incidently if you where alert enough to notice what color the second letter ( or was it the second  o) was in the google logo on at 8:43 pm the Wednesday before the  workcampuk  pub quizz  then you could have notched up another point at the pub quiz . The quixmaster and his lovely assistant was well worth the trip to Birmingham alone. but it was deffinitely the case that the real ale bots had not be sent out prior to booking the pub for the aftercamp bonfire and said  quiz . A feature i hope will be remeded if there is a similar do after any 2009 workcampuk  .find bots that are assigned to search for the word “real ale” and ask them to give you an inside algrhythm on the matter .