That was one of the questions that was listed but not answered during the day on Saturday 19th at the ukwordcamp 

[If it was answered on the Sunday I missed it as I was not able to be there. ]

In my view what ever  people do its changes the world at some level so perhaps the question was ment really on the lines of  Can WordPress and blogging in general change the world for the better .

maybe many bloggers hope so and are convinced that they can do something  with their blog that will make the world better ,even if only for themselves .

But if we have bigger change in mind then bigger change needs bigger effort and bigger effort  means for those people with  limited ( little) resources  uniting those little people size  efforts together to make a bigger wack 

In the “Dummies Guide to Success” there is a lovely story about an early settler in America who built a barn with costly effort  only to discover that in winter it was prone to flooding . the next summer  he fashioned  handles ,one for every able person in the community and fixed them to the barn .

in the autumn he had a barn raising with a difference . His barn was picked up and  carried to higher ground !!    .A barn is impossible for one man to rescue but . . .do able with a whole community of people uniting their effort towards a common shared and valued objective.

a little more on changing things for the better tomorrow perhaps